Since the age of 14 Andres has been fully committed to making changes to his life and others around him through integrating Fitness and proper nutrition strategies into ones daily routine. It all started when as a young student at Newburgh Free Academy Andres wanted to gain more confidence and enhance his quality of life by losing a few pounds. Losing those few pounds had opened his eyes to the wonders of the body and how It can change so drastically through consistency. Ever since this eye opening moment Andres has helped clients with large goals such as losing 100+ pounds and enhancing their quality of life to helping a young man prepare for U.S. Military bootcamp. Through his certification by the International Sports Sciences Association Andres is educated on training clients with a wide variety of different goals. With the great team of trainers here at Sportsplex New Windsor by his side he looks forward to being able to helping others reach their goals and change their lives whether it be a young man or woman looking to gain some starting strength for an upcoming sport or someone with a disability looking to make every day movement easier and enhance their functionality. In the near future Andres plans on competing in a nationally ranked Men’s Physique competition in the junior division and also plans on participating in upcoming spartan races.



Orange County Community College


  • ISSA certified personal trainer


  • Training to pass physical tests (school, military, police academy, etc)
  • Youth Fitness

Special Interests/Hobbies

  • Jujitsu
  • Camping