From gymnastics at age four to collegiate tennis, Jane has enjoyed sports and being active her entire life.  Staying active always came easy, it was the food that needed to be transformed. Starting that journey when her daughters were just entering school, she ended up banishing her headaches, mood swings, allergies and fatigue by simply eating real food, drinking more water, reframing her mindset and ditching the candy.

Her purpose and passion for the last eight years has been to guide people to make their health non-negotiable.  These clients have shed unwanted weight for good, improved relationships and regained their focus. Jane writes about her journey in her published book, Fit for Life, and how she is now a recovering perfectionist and has boundless energy simply by saying YES and making time for healthy habits each day.  She believes there is no one way of working out or one way of eating. Through being a NASM personal trainer and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Jane provides simple, sustainable and straightforward solutions so you can feel your best no matter your age. Her most proudest athletic moment was being a part of the longest winning streak at the University of Delaware (go Blue Hens!) with 44 team wins in a row.  She also holds the 8th best winning record for doubles. She loves spending time with her husband Mark of 18 years, and her daughters Emily and Erin, ages 16 and 14.



BS – University of Delaware


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


  • Small group training

Special Interests/Hobbies

  • Tennis and working out of course!
  • Hanging out with my two daughters
  • Hiking and exploring the Hudson Valley
  • Visiting a local farmers’ market